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5 Common Cleaning Mistakes: How to Avoid Them

Are you making these common cleaning mistakes? Cleanliness is not only a state of mind, but a reality for your home, office, or school. Everyone has their own preference on “how clean” they like for things to be, but no matter what your personal preferences might be, remember to look at these common “mistakes” and avoid them while doing regular chores.

By following these tips, you can help keep your spaces cleaner and healthier at all times!

1. Cleaning with a Dirty Sponge

Yuck! Sponges carry so many germs, and if you’re “cleaning” with one, you could essentially be spreading germs onto other surfaces. Be sure to switch out sponges regularly, or thoroughly sanitize so you can avoid making surfaces dirtier than they actually are. This goes for rags and wash clothes too. Remember they don’t have to smell to be germy!

2. Missing the Dirtiest Spots

Just because you can’t see that something’s dirty doesn’t mean it isn’t infested with bacteria. When cleaning, remember to disinfect things like doorknobs, remotes, sinks, and more. Each of these areas is known to be a breeding ground for bacteria, whether or not we realize it.

3. Wash Your Hands

This is self-explanatory. You should wash your hands in every instance, especially during cold and flu season, but when cleaning your home, don’t skimp on scrubbing down! Even if you wear gloves, the grossest stuff can travel, so soap up!

4. Cleaning Windows When it’s Sunny

Did you know you can miss more when cleaning windows on a sunny day? Glare will hide things like smudges and streaks. Instead, wait for a gloomy day so you can have a better view of what needs scrubbed off on each windowpane.

5. Spraying Harsh Chemicals

It can be dangerous to breathe in harsh chemicals, even if you are exposed to them hours later. If possible, use natural alternatives that won’t be harmful to kids or pets. However, if you prefer the strong stuff, remember to use minimally (dilute if you can), and avoid spraying the chemicals directly on your cleaning surface. Instead, spray or dab onto a rag so you can keep the fumes contained. (Bonus, this will keep you from using too much cleaner, too.)

Clean smarter, not harder! Stick to these simple tips for a better way to keep your home or office clean.

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