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How to Rid Your Home of Allergens with Seasonal Cleaning

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Seasonal allergies are no picnic. As the weather changes, so does the air that you breathe, and every few days (or maybe every day), you’re dealing with different symptoms. When Mother Nature can’t make up her mind, it’s even worse.

However, there are key things you can do to help make your home more allergy-friendly. By cleaning the air and setting key steps into place, you can help remove allergens from your home. And therefore, create a safer, healthier breathing space.

Vacuum Often

One of the most obvious ways you can help to reduce allergens in your home is to vacuum regularly. Pull out dirt, bugs, and more from your carpet and rugs. The same goes for your furniture and curtains. These items are rarely vacuumed and can be a hotbed for allergens. Consider vacuuming your mattress too.

While you’re at it, be sure you’re changing or washing vacuum filters. If you’re using a dirty vacuum, you’re doing very little to actually pull these items from the air. Ensure you’re filtering them out as you go.

Use an Air Purifier

Another way to remove allergens from the air is to use an air purifier. Keep it on at all times and place it in areas where there’s regular foot traffic or where the door is opened frequently. This can help keep your air as clean as possible. Be sure to clean out the air purifier, too.

While you’re at it, you may want to keep the windows closed. Even in nicer temps, opening screen doors or windows can bring in unwanted items and trigger unwanted side effects.

Wash and Wash Some More

If something can go in the washer, put it in the washer. Or spray it down with something that will help remove or eliminate allergens. Sheets, blankets, mattress covers, pillow covers, rugs, etc. all of these things collect dust, mites, and more. Regular washing will keep them fresh and clean instead. Look for washing detergents that freshen as they wash. As for sprays, everyone has their own preferences, but germ killers, fresheners, etc. can do the trick.

Message My Amazing Maid for recommendations if you have allergies or are looking for a greener cleaning option.

Keep the Pets in Check

Finally, you’ll want to keep a close eye on what your pets are up to. Are they into dirt? Pollen? Other plants? If they’re dragging these items back into your house, you could have a hotbed of allergens without even realizing it. Be sure to watch where pets go, especially right after coming indoors. Check pet beds and rugs often too.

By following all of the above, you can create a well-rounded approach to eliminating allergens from your home, including seasonal allergies. Consider regular cleaning efforts, paired with air purification, and more.

Of course, scheduling professional cleaning services from My Amazing Maid can also help rid your home of allergens year-round. To learn more about keeping allergies out of your house and how to improve your home’s air quality, take a look at our past blogs.

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