My Amazing Maid

My Amazing Maid: Why We Call Ourselves Amazing

At My Amazing Maid, we do more than just clean. We help provide simple and necessary home tasks that bog you down in time in effort. By taking in- and away-from-home chores off of your plate, we can help free up time to let you do more of what you enjoy most: family time, free time, or time to simply relax.

We don’t mean to brag … but we also love being amazing! Why are we amazing? Because we offer a number of in-home services and give you the ability to do what you enjoy most.

What We Do: More Than Just Cleaning Services

At MAM, we provide in-home cleaning and organizing services, pet watching, errand running, house sitting, and more. If you need it done, chances are we can help take it off of your plate!

Our main goal is to remain flexible with clients to provide pointed help that meets individual needs.

It’s our job to make your life easier. Why shop for groceries or clean the house when you can spend your time having fun with your family?

How it Works: Logistics of In-Home Cleaning and More

We will take care of all of the logistics. Simply sign up and book your time online. You can use our app to fill out instructions with any specific requests. Check mark tasks that need done, and leave along with ones you don’t. With this specific approach we are able to follow your wants to a T.

If your needs change by the day, no problem! Adjust your requests each time you order services, no problem!

At MAM, we want to take chores off of your plate. Let us do what we do best and take control of time consuming or mundane tasks so you have less stress. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a shorter to-do list, and more time for what you love!

To schedule your next service, head to our online booking service for a quote. Or, click on the contact tab and ask any questions you might have.

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