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National Clean Your Room Day – May 10th

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We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but May 10 is National Clean Your Room Day! Like most of us, you can probably hear your mom’s voice in your head from childhood. Don’t worry we have you covered, My Amazing Maid is ready to not only clean your room, but the rest of the house too!

It is not certain when National Clean Your Room Day was started, but the first blog post about this day was written back in 2010. That being said, this silly holiday can be a time your family cleans together, redecorates a space, or reminds one another to schedule a deep spring clean from My Amazing Maid!

Here are a few tips from our industry experts on how to keep your room tidy and neat in between our cleaning services.

Keep Your Home Clean In Between Cleaning Services

Often we hear from clients that it is difficult to maintain an orderly home between cleanings. We understand life gets crazy, but here are a few ways you can keep up with the clutter.

  1. Put Away Every Night – Every night before bed, attempt to pick up everything that was left out that day. Meaning you can fold blankets on the couch and wipe off counters in the kitchen. Performing little tasks each night make a huge difference. So in the morning when you wake, your home is ready for a new day and you don’t have to deal with yesterday’s mess. Not only is it great to wake up to a clean home, but you could also see improved sleep!

  2. Keep Bathroom Counters Clear – Try putting away all your products on the bathroom counter in a drawer. If you don’t have drawers, another option is putting them away in a storage basket or installing a shelf. Having a clean and clear bathroom counter can immediately make the bathroom look and feel cleaner. An additional bathroom tip (because we know everyone wants a tidier bathroom): can use a mixture of water and vinegar to spray down your shower or tub after each use to prevent soap scum buildup. Walking into a clean bathroom is a great way to start a stress-free morning. You may even get around faster because all of your products will be in place!

  3. Involve the Whole Family – Don’t get stressed out by the kid’s mess. You can make cleaning their rooms a game and ask the kids to help out. Set a timer and whoever wins gets to pick a show that night. The kids have fun and their rooms magically become picked up! Making tidying a family event can relieve the stress of one family member and keep the home even neat and less appealing, even between cleanings.

Less Stress, My Amazing Maid Summertime Cleaning

Summertime is almost here and this is a great reminder to update your services for the upcoming months, especially since the kiddos will be home more often. My Amazing Maid offers bi-weekly, weekly, monthly, and one-time deep clean for your home or small office.

To get a free estimate on the cleaning services you would like, please visit here and fill out our form.

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