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No More Spring Cleaning With Our Premier Cleaning Service

Spring Cleaning Premier Cleaning

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Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, days are getting longer, and you might just be thinking about all those “spring cleaning” tasks that you haven’t done in a year (or maybe more). Spring cleaning is hugely popular in the US, with 69% of Americans saying their household does at least some spring cleaning every year.

The phrase “spring cleaning” may conjure up pleasant images of windows thrown open to the breeze, snowy fresh linens, and sparkling floors. But there is actually a better way to plan for those deep cleaning tasks that aren’t part of a weekly cleaning routine.

Premier Cleaning Means You Don’t Need an Annual Spring Cleaning

Many people who purchase a routine house-cleaning service to tackle the weekly essentials like vacuuming end up paying for deep cleaning, often as a spring cleaning. That’s because tasks like hand-washing the baseboards, deep-cleaning the refrigerator, and wiping down door frames aren’t part of a routine cleaning.

Over the course of a year, dirt accumulates in areas of the house, and this results in the need for a spring cleaning or deep clean. With the Premier Cleaning service from My Amazing Maid, we offer a better approach than leaving deep cleaning tasks to do all at once by spreading out the tasks throughout the year. This way, your home never has a large volume of deep cleaning tasks piling up. Instead, your home stays cleaner all year.

How Does Premier Cleaning Work?

With our Premier Cleaning service, we spread out the deep cleaning tasks over a six-month period. Once we complete the six months, we start over again! This way, your home effectively receives two deep cleanings per year, and the tasks (and dirt) don’t get a chance to pile up.

What do we mean by “deep cleaning”? We deep vacuum upholstered furniture in main living areas using a special upholstery tool, hand wash door facings, door trim, window trim and window sills, hand wash baseboards, deep clean the inside of the refrigerator, clean the inside of the oven and under the stovetop, and damp-wipe kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. Remember, we knock out all of these traditional spring cleaning tasks in a six-month rotation, then start over again. This keeps your house cleaner all year!

Why Choose the My Amazing Maid Premier Cleaning?

Premier Cleaning offers the advantage of keeping your home cleaner throughout the year. It is certainly enjoyable (while it lasts) to have an ultra-clean home for a relatively short period after a deep cleaning. But part of why a house feels so clean after a spring cleaning is because it was dirty before. 

Wouldn’t it be better to avoid the dirty house in the first place? With our Premier Cleaning package, you’re getting two deep cleans annually, and spreading the services out so that your house is never in need of a full deep clean all at once. 

Is Premier Cleaning the Right Fit For Your Home?

At My Amazing Maid, we recognize that all clients have different needs, budgets, and schedules. We’re here to help you with high-quality, fairly priced cleaning services. Whether you choose to replace spring cleaning with a Premier Cleaning service or purchase annual deep cleaning, we have a variety of cleaning services available to suit your needs.
Need help deciding which plan is best for you? We would love to discuss your cleaning needs. Please call us at 706-507-6243 or get an instant cleaning estimate by filling out our online estimates form.

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