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Perks of Seasonal Cleaning in the South

Seasonal Cleaning

Seasonal cleaning is about more than just tidying up around the house. There’s actually quite a bit of research that has been done to prove some of the physical and mental health benefits that a thorough cleaning can have. 

What is My Amazing Maid?

Now before you start Googling “Home Cleaning Services near me,” let me tell you a little about My Amazing Maid! Locally owned and operated, My Amazing Maid is a client-oriented cleaning company in southern Georgia that strives for excellence and innovation. Your satisfaction is important to us, so that is why we guarantee it! Our team of fully-trained staff is passionate about learning and implementing new eco-friendly cleaning techniques to ensure your satisfaction. Our mission and vision are to improve the lives of clients, employees, and the community by offering cleaning services of the highest value, quality, and sustainability. 

Perks of Seasonal Cleaning

You may be surprised to learn that a thorough seasonal cleaning has a rather large variety of health benefits ranging from sleep health to overall happiness throughout your day. 

Each new season comes with a plethora of allergies: pollen, ragweed, and grass to name a few. However, those seasonal allergies might not be the only thing that has you sneezing. Dust and pet dander are common culprits when it comes to allergies, so that deep seasonal cleaning can have you breathing better overnight!

Research shows that close to 75% of people sleep better on clean sheets! Washing your sheets regularly can play a major role in the quality of your sleep. In addition, it is recommended that you replace your standard quality sheets (non-linens) every 2 to 3 years and your pillowcases every year for maximum comfort and sleep hygiene. Dirty pillowcases and sheets can contribute to worsening allergies and acne. 

When there’s excess clutter around the house, there are more things that could pose a tripping hazard for you, your children, and elder family members. By clearing up your walkways and other high-traffic areas of unneeded furniture, clutter, cords, and loose rugs, you can greatly reduce the chances of any accidents. You won’t have to worry about feeling the pain of stepping on any Legos any time soon!

If you find yourself trying to escape that winter funk, studies have shown that having a consistently clean house can not only improve your mood but lessen signs of depression throughout your day. By reducing the amount of clutter and unfinished projects in your home, you can expect to be in a more positive mood, but also more productive at work. Especially lately as more and more people have been working from home, keeping your office space clean and organized can make you more productive at work as office space clutter is cited as one of the most damaging contributions to productivity. 

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If breathing better, sleeping better, fewer injuries, and a positive attitude sound like something you’d like to have in your life, schedule your seasonal cleaning appointment with My Amazing Maid, your south Georgia cleaning company, today! 

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