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Pets Shedding? Tips to Clean Up After Your Pets

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Pet hair is never a welcome addition to your home … that is unless it’s ON the pet! But when it comes to thick masses covering our furniture, fine lengths coating the floors, and stray strands getting on our clothes (yuck!), pet hair has GOT to go!

That doesn’t mean you want to get rid of your furry friends, however, and we get that! Which is why we offer a manageable way to keep your home (and your outfits) pet hair-free, while still being able to love on the furriest members of the family.

If you haven’t already, consider a regular cleaning schedule with My Amazing Maid. We can focus on your pets’ shedding (and their most popular areas of the home), to keep your spaces as hair-free as possible.

In the meantime, look for quick fixes that can remove and capture hair from its least-wanted locations.

Lower the Pet Hair Population of Your Home By:


A quick once-over can snag any clumps or stray hairs that have been left behind. This is true with carpet or hard floor surfaces. Be sure to invest in a vacuum that’s made specifically for pets. These models don’t have to be expensive but can do a better job of collecting and keeping pet hair from your floors. Not all models are created equally; spend a little time looking for a vacuum that specializes.

Ask My Amazing Maid about a vacuum recommendation in your price range!

Lint Roll the Furniture

This is fast and effective. It’s not always feasible to pull out the vacuum (and its corresponding attachments) to get rid of pet shedding, especially when you just need a fast fix. Stock up on lint rollers of all sizes – oversized versions for the couch! – so you can pick up hair in a jiffy and keep it off the chairs.

It’s a good idea to keep smaller lint rollers by the door or in your car, too. This way you can tidy up quickly while heading out.

Bonus: opt for rollers that you can wash clean to avoid excess trash and replacement papers for your brushes.

Groom Your Pets

Brush your cats and dogs regularly to help keep the shedding in check. Regular shampooing or grooming appointments can also help. Keep in mind that shedding is more prevalent at different times throughout the year, but by helping remove undercoats on your own, you can keep their hair in the trash and off your floors. 

Give the Pets Set Spaces

If shedding continues to be a problem, it’s a good idea to offer your pet a special area to call their own. Place a bed, lay blankets, etc., allowing them a comfortable place to which they can return. It will also eliminate sleeping on random surfaces and leaving hair in more areas. With a quarantined shedding space, you can tidy up the pet hair faster and more efficiently.

Help eliminate the amount of pet hair that covers your home with a few quick fixes. You can also schedule regular home cleanings from My Amazing Maid for a cleaner, pet hair-free space.

To learn more about at-home cleaning options, check out our blog.

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