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Top 5 Benefits of Spring Cleaning

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Is your home in need of a deep spring clean? Spring cleaning is more than just a catchy phrase about a seasonal swipe of the house, and more about quarterly maintenance and a deep cleaning of your home. Learn why your house needs a “spring clean” and what that term actually means coming from a cleaning service.

Here are five benefits you may not have realized can occur when you book a deep clean with My Amazing Maid.

5 Benefits of Deep Spring Clean

  1. Less Stress, Improved Sleep – When you know your house is clean and organized, it has been proven you have a more relaxing, deep sleep. When you schedule your home’s deep cleaning service with the highly trained professionals at My Amazing Maid you can relax knowing your home is in good hands and will be sparkling clean when we are finished.
  2. Makes Routine Cleaning Easier – Focusing on the “deep clean spots” makes your regular cleaning much easier. Instead of worrying about getting that tile perfectly shiny, you can simply run over it with a broom. Also if you already have a weekly/ monthly service with My Amazing Maid, we will use this deep clean to focus on areas we often do not clean in regular service.
  3. Prevent Build Up of Dirt and Grim – To prevent additional build up in areas you may have missed in your day to day cleaning, scheduling a spring cleaning can address that issue and help you avoid the dust and dirt build up. This not only aids your house in looking newer, it actually improves your health!
  4. Lessen the Spread of Germs and Bacteria – Your kitchen and bathrooms are probably the most bacteria-filled locations in your home. After the cooler months with runny noses and the family inside more often, those areas in your home probably need some TLC. Spring clean or deep clean is a great way to flush out all those germs and start fresh looking into summer.
  5. Overall Homeowner Maintenance – To maintain your home’s integrity, you want to keep up with cleanings and maintenance. A bi-yearly deep clean can help sustain your home’s value and cleanliness. You spend the majority of your life in your home, so why not be comfortable in it?

Book Your Spring Cleaning Now

Stop worrying about the house cleaning, we have you covered, with multiple cleaning service plans to fit your budget. Contact us to schedule your homes next spring cleaning and get a free online estimate.

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