Schedule Your Holiday Cleanings in Advance!

The Holidays are Coming Winter is coming! The holidays are coming! Schedule your holiday home cleaning today. The holidays are weeks away and there is no better way to treat yourself and your guests than to have a professional cleaning service clean your home. Holiday cleanings are a gift not only for you but for […]

Moving? Book Your Move-Out Clean Today!

Say, NO to more stress, and let us take care of what we do best! The easiest thing to do to make your move go smooth is to give us a call, schedule the Move-Out clean, and let us take care of the rest. Moving out of your home includes a hefty workload and a […]

How to Rid Your Home of Allergens with Seasonal Cleaning

Seasonal allergies are no picnic. As the weather changes, so does the air that you breathe, and every few days (or maybe every day), you’re dealing with different symptoms. When Mother Nature can’t make up her mind, it’s even worse. However, there are key things you can do to help make your home more allergy-friendly. […]

Does a Tidy Home De-Stress Your Life?

Some may find the chore of cleaning and tidying your home a stressful task. However many studies show that the act of cleaning and having an organized home can lead to reduced stress, increased productivity, and a better quality of life. So how can you achieve a clean home and more stress-free life? Let us […]

Tips for Helping Keep Kid’s Room Cleaner, Longer

It’s been a long time since things in the world have seemed “normal” but one thing is for certain children staying home more often has probably left their rooms in a state of emergency as well! While having a cleaning service help with your routine home cleanings is beneficial for the whole family, we know […]

Better Family Health by Sanitizing Your Living Space

Everyone knows the benefits that can be found from cleaning your home. By decluttering your living space you can help declutter your mind and make better use of the space. But did you know there are also benefits to sanitizing your space? Not just tidying and organizing, but actually removing the germs that live inside […]

Tired of Cleaning After Your Pets? MAM Can Do the Dirty Work

If you have furry friends at home you know the extra work that is involved in cleaning up after those sweet little faces. Whether it’s wet, dirty paws, or all their hair, pets require additional cleaning steps to keep your home tidy. Let My Amazing Maid handle the mess while you spend quality time with […]

Digging into the Details: Tips for a Detailed Home Clean

Everyone has that friend, or maybe it is you. Their home is always spotless and you think that your home can never be that clean. Cleaning seems to be an all or nothing chore.  Either you love to clean, or you hate to clean. Keeping your house clean is not an impossible chore, as much […]

Get Your Home Holiday Ready with a Professional Clean

The holidays are fast approaching, and time is running scarce. There are so many things to be done like cooking, shopping, and normal everyday tasks that there is hardly time to make sure your house is spotless in time for your holiday guests. Having a professional cleaning service like My Amazing Maid will have you […]

5 Benefits of Using a Professional Cleaning Service

Nobody wants to be inside all day cleaning when you could be outdoors enjoying the fresh air spending time with your loved ones. Cleaning is a time-consuming task that can involve attention to detail. Using a professional cleaning service like My Amazing Maid can save you time and get you back to doing what you […]

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