Are you interested in the benefits of our cleaning services? Or what you can do to keep a tidier home? My Amazing Maid’s blog can give you insider tips and tricks on how to maintain a clean and healthy home. Therefore, our goal is to make life easier for you!  We hope our blog can aid you in making an informed decision about our cleaning services.

Everyone wants a perfectly clean home, however, it isn’t quite that simple. Contact My Amazing Maid for any additional information on our cleaning services.

Top 5 Benefits of a Local House Cleaner 

While most people know that hiring a cleaning company will give you more time, help reduce your stress levels, and keep your house in great condition, you might not know which company or companies to hire. Not to toot our own horn, but we think we’re pretty fantastic. However, did you know that there are […]

My Amazing Maid for Your Recurring Cleaning

Each new year comes with it a reevaluation of goals, budgets, and, quite simply, life in general. You may be looking to make the most of your time this year, invest your money, make progress in your health journey, and more!  You might be surprised to learn that hiring a home cleaning service may help […]

Choose My Amazing Maid for Your Next Home Cleaning

It’s no secret that the holidays are one of the most joyful and, yet, stressful times of the year. As the new year approaches, have you been considering hiring someone to help with recurring home cleaning tasks? When you choose My Amazing Maid in Columbus, GA for your next home cleaning service, we guarantee our […]

Get Ready! Schedule Your Holiday Home Cleaning

Start the holiday season off on the right foot. Whether you are hosting a large family event in your home or just want your space to be fresh for the holiday season, scheduling your holiday home cleaning now is a smart choice. My Amazing Maid has multiple options for cleaning services to fit your budget […]

7 Tips for Easy Green Cleaning at Home

Homeowners are increasingly conscious of the environmental impacts of home cleaning products and supplies. How you clean your home can influence the health of your family and pets, as well as the greater ecosystem. It can be challenging to balance keeping your home clean and being environmentally responsible. At My Amazing Maid, we’ve been emphasizing […]

My Amazing Maid, Your Go-To Home Cleaners

When it comes to choosing the right home cleaners, the options can be overwhelming. How do you know which company is right for you and your home? How do you get the best combination of competitive price and quality service? Here at My Amazing Maid of Columbus, GA, we believe we offer the best service […]

5 Cleaning Mistakes That Might Be Making Your Home Dirtier

You put a lot of effort into keeping your home sparkling clean. There’s no denying that home cleaning is a lot of work, so you want to ensure that you are making your efforts as efficient as possible. At My Amazing Maid, we know a thing or two about home cleaning, and we want to […]

8 Ways to Clean Your Kitchen Like the Pros

The kitchen is the heart and hub of every home but also where many of the dirtiest messes happen, especially with children. If you’re looking for helpful tips to make your kitchen shine, check out these eight tips from the cleaning pros at My Amazing Maid. My Amazing Maid is located in Columbus, Georgia but […]

5 Summer Activities to Get Your Children Involved with Cleaning

With school out now (or soon for some), it’s time to get into the summer routine– and that includes cleaning! You’re probably ready to get the house in great shape for those summer activities and fun, be it the in-laws dropping by or the kids down the street dropping in without notice, summer is a […]

Choose My Amazing Maid Home Cleaning Services

Choose My Amazing Maid cleaning services in Columbus Ga for your next home cleaning today! Why Choose My Amazing Maid Cleaning Services? Making the choice to hire a cleaning company can be stressful, but we want to ease your stress by giving you several reasons why choosing MAM is the best choice. Experienced & Trusted […]

How to Pick Which Home Cleaning Services You Need

You’ve decided to hire someone to pick up some of the housework piling up. How do you decide what type of home cleaning services you need?  With so many options offered by numerous companies, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed with the variety of options. We’ve put together a list of the basic factors to […]

No More Spring Cleaning With Our Premier Cleaning Service

Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, days are getting longer, and you might just be thinking about all those “spring cleaning” tasks that you haven’t done in a year (or maybe more). Spring cleaning is hugely popular in the US, with 69% of Americans saying their household does at least some spring cleaning every year. […]