Digging into the Details: Tips for a Detailed Home Clean

Everyone has that friend, or maybe it is you. Their home is always spotless and you think that your home can never be that clean. Cleaning seems to be an all or nothing chore.  Either you love to clean, or you hate to clean. Keeping your house clean is not an impossible chore, as much […]

Get Your Home Holiday Ready with a Professional Clean

The holidays are fast approaching, and time is running scarce. There are so many things to be done like cooking, shopping, and normal everyday tasks that there is hardly time to make sure your house is spotless in time for your holiday guests. Having a professional cleaning service like My Amazing Maid will have you […]

5 Benefits of Using a Professional Cleaning Service

Nobody wants to be inside all day cleaning when you could be outdoors enjoying the fresh air spending time with your loved ones. Cleaning is a time-consuming task that can involve attention to detail. Using a professional cleaning service like My Amazing Maid can save you time and get you back to doing what you […]

Hire My Amazing Maid for Year-Round Curtain Cleaning

Curtain cleaning may not be on the top of your list of to-dos this week, but don’t you worry, it’s on every one of our minds at My Amazing Maid! Not only are clean and dusted curtains more sanitary for your family and pets, but you may not realize how many allergens build up on […]

What Makes My Amazing Maid — MAM — Amazing?

At My Amazing Maid, we truly live up to our name. Our clients agree that we are truly AH-Mazing! Since starting My Amazing Maid, Royce Ard has been an influential member of the Columbus, Georgia community, seeing the need for a trustworthy maid service for the families in the area and delivering! MAM believes that […]

Moving? Book Your Move Out Clean and Get More From Your Deposit

Cleaning the place you’re leaving is often viewed as the icing on top of your mounting to-do list. There’s a ton that needs to be completed, but before you go, the place also needs to be cleaned, top to bottom. And not just a gentle clean, but a deep, get rid of all our germs […]

4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Cleaning Service

Here at My Amazing Maid, we want to help give you peace of mind that you’re getting the most out of your cleaning service. Sure, you’re getting a house that’s clean and space you can relax in, not to mention the gift of free time, but hiring a maid service comes with more than that. […]

What Difference Can Eco Cleaners Make?

My Amazing Maid is proud to offer eco-friendly cleaners to all of our customers. Whether we’re cleaning your office, home, or event venue, clients have their choice of opting for environmentally light solutions. Strong yet safe cleaners that get the job done right.  Our eco cleaners are naturally scented, while still packing a powerful punch […]

Keep Virus Germs Out of Your Home With These Tips

With the world in a frenzy over a sickness that can’t be seen. My Amazing Maid wants to offer tips in order to keep the COVID-19 and other virus germs out of your home! It is My Amazing Maid’s goal to not only keep our customer’s homes clean. But to also give you tips and […]

Hey Columbus, GA, Are You Looking for a Cleaning Team?

It’s the RAINIEST season of them all, and that means mucky floors, muddy porches, and clothes that come in damp. That’s right, Columbus, GA, you’re dealing with springtime rains, and it can make house chores a real pain. On top of daily stressors, like trying to keep the laundry clean and folded and dishes are […]

Are you interested in the benefits of our cleaning services? Or what you can do to keep a tidier home? My Amazing Maid’s blog can give you insider tips and tricks on how to maintain a clean and healthy home. Therefore, our goal is to make life easier for you!  We hope our blog can aid you in making an informed decision about our cleaning services.

Everyone wants a perfectly clean home, however, it isn’t quite that simple. Contact My Amazing Maid for any additional information on our cleaning services.

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