Premier Cleaning Service

Never Pay for Deep Cleaning Again! 

Regular dusting of the woodwork will remove most, but not all of the dusty build up on your home’s baseboards and window and door trim. The humidity in the air allows the dust to become sticky and difficult to remove with regular dusting. This is why even customers who have their homes cleaned on a regular basis end up paying for Spring or Deep Cleans every year.

Advantages of Premier Cleaning

My Amazing Maid has solved this problem with our Premier Cleaning service which tackles those items that aren’t cleaned on a regular basis. Every month for six months we perform one of six deep cleaning tasks when we clean your home. With our Premier Cleaning service we will hand wash your home’s baseboards, the window sills, window and door trim, the bathroom and kitchen cabinet fronts as well as clean the inside of the refrigerator and oven. We will even use a special upholstery cleaning attachment to give your upholstered furniture in the main living area of your house a good cleaning. And when those six months are over – we’ll start over and do it again. These “extras” allow us to take care of a customer’s home year-round and in effect gives your entire home a deep clean twice a year.

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Premier Cleaning Task Schedule

Here is a breakdown of the cleaning tasks included in the premier cleaning service and the months each are performed.

Upholstered furniture in main living areas is deep vacuumed using a special upholstery tool January and July
Door facings, door trim, window trim and window sills are hand washed February and August
Hand wash baseboards* March and September
Deep clean the inside of the refrigerator April and October
Clean the inside of the oven and under the stove top if applicable May and November
Damp wipe kitchen and bathroom cabinetry June and December

*Requires two visits during the month to complete except for Monthly Premier customers where it will be done during their monthly visit

Not available to customers on the Classic or Economy Cleaning plans. Customers who cancel a cleaning during the month may not receive the deep cleaning task for that month due to time constraints.

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Other Cleaning Options Available

We offer several different types of cleaning jobs for your home and we furnish the cleaning supplies for all jobs. We have two types of Move In/Move Out and One Time Cleaning packages: The Deep Clean and the Classic Clean. For regular cleanings such as weekly, biweekly or monthly plans, we offer our Premier, Classic and Economy Packages.

All three are very thorough with the primary difference being additional items cleaned with each package. The price for each cleaning service is determined by the length of time it takes to do the cleaning. One time cleans are typically charged by the hour while recurring jobs such as biweekly or weekly cleanings are priced at a flat rate. Interior window cleaning is available and is priced at our normal hourly rates.

Need help deciding which plan is best for you? We would love to discuss your cleaning needs. Please call us at 706-507-6243 or get an instant cleaning estimate by filling out our online estimates form.

premier cleaning service