Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning with Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Green cleaning not only helps protect the environment, but it’s also good for your health as well. My Amazing Maid uses eco-friendly cleaning products whenever possible. We are proud to use the line of products produced by BioKleen. The Biokleen general cleaner uses the cleaning power of citrus and grapefruit seed extract to remove dirt and grime as we clean your home. Our glass cleaner is ammonia-free and uses vinegar and other plant-based products to clean dirt and grease and leave behind beautiful, shiny surfaces.

We use heavily filtered deionized water (DI Water) for many cleaning tasks such as floors and countertops. When used with high-quality microfiber cloths, DI water has been scientifically proven to sanitize surfaces even better than many of the harsh chemicals that other cleaning services use. And because it doesn’t contain any added chemicals, DI water is a cleaner, safer and healthier solution for people and pets.

Our Mission

My Amazing Maid’s number one priority is to keep you, your family, your pets, and your household safe. This is why we choose to clean with green products. Therefore, we use Biokleen, a safe choice.

One of our go-to green cleaning products has been on the market for over 130 years! When we need something with a slightly abrasive, we add the powder cleanser Bon Ami. We use this green product in bathrooms and kitchens and when combined with hydrogen peroxide. It can be as effective as the other abrasive products that contain bleach. And Bon Ami is guaranteed not to scratch surfaces.

Our cleaning philosophy is to be as green as possible. We value the fact that we are keeping everyone in your household safe. Maintaining the balance between green cleaning and effective cleaning is one of our highest priorities. Mold and mildew can be a problem in the south due to high humidity levels. Therefore, we sometimes use a cleaner that contains bleach in order to get your tub, shower or toilet clean. If you prefer that we not use these products, just let us know and we can discuss other greener solutions.

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